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How to Make Leather Mason Jar Sleeves


Fall Jar Sleeves

Leather mason jar sleeves make the perfect addition to your fall decor. Just add some decorative grass or wheat and seasonal pumpkins and leaves for the perfect Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

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What You Need For This Project


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One leather craft panel will make 4 pint sized jar sleeves

Additional Items needed:

4- Pint size Mason jars

Fall Decor

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1. Cut Your Leather & Mark Your Stitching Holes

Cutting Leather

  • Note- One leather crafting panel is enough to make four sleeves, if your design requires more than four letters you will need more than one leather panel.
  • Measure and cut your leather into four pieces measuring 10-1/4" x 2-3/4". Cut using your art knife and steel square as a guide.
  • Use your Wing Divider and mark a stitch line on the short sides of your leather, 1/4" in from the outside edge.
  • Mark your stitch holes using the stitching chisels and mallet.

2. Dye Your Leather

Dyed Leather

  • Using your wool daubers, apply 2-3 coats of black dye to your leather strips.
  • Allow to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

3. Apply White Lettering

Using Paint Marker

  • According to Angelus® Paint Marker package directions, fill markers with a 1:1 ratio of White Acrylic Paint and 2-Thin.
  • Shake well and press marker tip onto a scrap paper until paint starts coming out of the tip.
  • Draw letters onto your dyes leather pieces, you will need to go back over the letters 2-3 times to get a nice white color since we thinned the paint down for the markers.

4. Stitch Your Leather Sleeves Together

Stitching 1  Stitching 2  Stitching 3

  • Use a rubber band to form your leather sleeve and hold it in place.
  • Hand stitch the two sides together to complete the sleeve.
  • You can now slide it onto your glass pint jar.