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How to Make a Women's Leather Bracelet


Mothers Day Bracelet

This ring-in-center leather bracelet is the perfect gift for Mother's Day or any special occasion. We used a Brandy 3/4 oz. chrome tanned leather for its exceptional softness and feel. Keep in mind that the bracelet will lay nicer when using a soft leather. If you prefer veg tanned leather, we suggest a lightweight 2/3 oz. that will get softer and more supple with every wear.

What You Need For This Project


1. Measure and Cut Your Leather Strap

  • Measure your wrist using a soft tape measure or string.
  • Take that measurement and multiply by 2 and add 1/2". My wrist measured 6.5" so my bracelet length is 13.5".
  • Cut your leather 1" wide by the length you came up with above.


Mark at 1 Inch


Mark at 13 Inches

2. Punch Holes

  • Find the center of your strap and punch a hole, making sure the hole is centered width wise also.
  • Punch another hole at one end of the strap, 1/4" in from the edge and centered in the middle. Repeat at the other end of the bracelet.


Punch Hole

3. Cut Center Slits

  • Cut the center slits on each side of the bracelet, starting 1/2" from the center hole and stopping 1" from the hole at the end of the strap. Repeat on the other side of the bracelet.


Cut Center Slit

4. Cut Slit for Button Stud

  • On one strap end, cut a small slit about 3/8" from the center of the hole out, this will allow the strap to slide over the button stud.


Cut Slit for button Stud

5. Round the Corners

  • Use a round end punch or a round object you have on hand to round the corners on the strap ends.


6. Attach the Ring and Button Stud

  • Wrap the end of the bracelet without the slit around the ring and attach the button stud, as shown in the picture.


Add Button Stud


Attach Button Stud

Your bracelet is done!


How Bracelet Should Look

To wear the bracelet, follow the instructions below