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All Project Ideas

Express yourself with exclusive leather project kits designed by our own Chuck Dorsett and Miriam Schlabach. Every kit features the finest quality materials, making it easy and convenient to achieve professional results on your next leather project. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

How to Make a Traditional Leather Scabbard

Chuck Dorsett teaches you how to make a Leather Scabbard. You also learn to make a pattern then you can adjust your measurements for swords, rapiers and falchions. You'll benefit from this training as Chuck covers how to cut the leather, hand stitch, mold and much more. 

How to Make a Leather Belt

Not only does Chuck cover how to make a belt but he also includes 7 chapters of continued training about making a leather belt one of a kind. He'll teach you how to add spots and conchos, how to dye leather, how to apply antique and top coat plus a whole lot more. Learn as much about belt making as you want. All of this information is free to help you learn leatherworking. You'll also find quality leather belt kits, and many individual leather belt parts and tools if you want to be even more creative. 

How To Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet

Always wanted to know how to make leather bracelets? Now is your opportunity to learn about making leather bracelets. DIY leather bracelets are so unique and perfect if you want to make your own jewelry and gifts. Chuck provides 7 free chapters of bracelet making training so you can create the ultimate leather bracelets. Learn things like how to stamp leather, how to add decorations, how to create a pattern and much more. You'll find leather bracelet kits and tool selections for leather working. Come and learn with Chuck.

How to Make a Leather Journal Cover

Make your own leather journal. You'll learn skills that will produce beautiful leather journal gifts that last a lifetime. Chuck teaches you the basics plus 7 chapters about enhancing your leather project all for free. Learn how to hand sew leather, how to dye leather and much more. Be sure to check out the elegant leather journal kits and various tools that help you create these heritage journals.

How to Make a Leather Purse

If handbags are your weakness, then do not miss this training as Chuck teaches you about leather bag making. You'll learn everything you need to know to make your own leather purses from classic to blinged-out styles. Experience all 5 chapters of free training. Then, check out the leather purse kit with the supplies you need to make your own. Also featured are many helpful tools used in the leather bag making process. 

How to Make a Leather Wallet

Start making a leather wallet now. Chuck shows you how in this free video full of instructions. You'll want to check out the top quality leather wallet kits with cardholders offered in two different leather types. Also, check out the leathercrafting tools to use with this project. Never buy another wallet once you learn this skill. They also make great gifts.

How to Make a Leather Knife Sheath

Make leather sheaths for all of your knives. Chuck shows you how in this free video with six levels of training. You'll want to check out the top quality knife sheath making materials.

How to Make a Leather Gun Holster

Watch Chuck Dorsett create a gun holster and learn how to make your own gun holsters. Chuck presents a seven part series to teach you the techniques of gun holster making so you can create a holster for any size gun. You will use the dimensions from your firearm when creating the pattern so the holster fits your gun like a glove.

How to Make a Leather Bowl

Watch as Chuck Dorsett teaches you how to make a leather bowl. You'll learn how to do leather wet forming. You'll be amazed at the regular household items you can use to make these great gifts and accessories for your home and office. The sky is the limit to the ways you can customize these bowls. Watch now so you can get started. Chuck used veg-tan craft leather for these bowls.

Christmas Tag

How to Make Leather Gift Tags

Miriam shows you how to make leather gift tags. Let your creativity run wild and create these leather tags for any occasion. You could even use them for leather luggage tags. Find all the instructions, leather gift tag materials and tools you will need here.

Stockings in Tree

How to Make a Leather Stocking

This stocking kit is bound to become the most favorite stocking on your mantle. Miriam shows you how to make a leather stocking. You can check out this quality leather stocking kit, instructions and tools to get the job done here.

Fall Jar Sleeves

How to Make Leather Mason Jar Sleeves

Decorate your jars with these handy leather mason jar sleeves. The possibilities are endless. Miriam shows you how to make these jar sleeves. You can create these for any season or event. Let your creativity flow. Find the Mason Jar Sleeve instructions and materials here.