Sample, London Tan English Bridle Leather Sides, Weaver Select

SKU: S02-375S-12/13

  • Strong, waxy and weather resistant with the right amount of greases and tallows.
  • Drum dyed for true dye penetration.

Weight: 12/13 oz.
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  • 100% veg tanned with no harsh chemicals.
  • Not to be confused with English bridle leather that is tanned and curried in England.
  • The best cut of leather will leave you with very little waste.
Our team worked diligently with our friends at Chahin Tannery to get this English bridle leather just right. Slowly veg tanned, stuffed with just the right amount of waxes, greases and tallows and drum dyed for depth of color, this leather elevates any project. One look at this leather and you’ll be inspired to create everything from personal accessories like belts and bags to pet products. It has a slight sheen, but feel free to add a top coat for an even richer, high shine finish. This leather will take a stamp, but it will not mould due to the oil content. The flesh side is very nice, giving all sides of your project a finished, professional look. Explore our complete selection of popular colors and cuts to choose what’s right for your next project.

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