Redrock Waxy Pull-Up Leather, 3-4 oz.

SKU: 09-1083S-00

  • Chrome tanned and tumbled for a luxurious, soft hand.
  • Soft temper, but just firm enough to give your leather working project body.
  • The flesh side is smooth and consistent so your project looks great from all sides.

Color: Black
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When you want the perfect fusion of refinement with a subtle touch of rustic character, this is the leather for you. It has soft body with just the right touch of firmness, making it the perfect leather for a wide variety of bags and personal accessories. You'll also be wowed by this waxy pull-up leather's beautiful color selection that is sure to inspire project after project. A smooth, clean flesh side ensures the inside of your project will look as nice as the outside.

  • Average square feet: 18 - 23
  • Thickness/weight: 3 to 4 oz.
  • Chrome Tanned
  • Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
  • Gauged: Evenly throughout
  • Content: Imported cowhide
  • Cut: Side
  • Priced: Per side based on average square feet

The tannery achieves a pull-up look on this leather by first applying a base dye and then layering added dyes and oils to achieve a uniform, darker look. The magic happens over time as this leather is handled and the final product undergoes regular use, revealing the character of the base dye while a well-worn finish emerges.

Ideal for bags, backpacks, purses, chaps, vests and personal accessories.

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