Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 24 oz.

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  • Non-pressurized spray bottle gives you a continuous, quiet, aerosol-quality spray perfect for leatherwork and other applications
  • Produces a fine mist with even coverage and no overspraying
  • Propellant-free, airless design sprays at a rate of 1.25 ml per 1 second of spray and covers a wider area than typical spray bottles
  • Large trigger for comfortable spraying with two fingers
  • 360 degree performance perfect for spraying upside down or other hard-to-reach areas
  • No leaks or drips when spray stops
  • Reduces waste with close to 98 percent liquid evacuation
  • For use with water-based liquids

Additional Details

Keep the Flairosol Spray Bottle close at hand for all your water-based spraying applications. Its non-pressurized design produces a continuous, aerosol-quality spray without any propellants that may harm the environment. With a generously-sized trigger, wide coverage area, and a super quiet design, this is the bottle you'll reach for time and time again. This airless sprayer helps you cover large areas with ease, spraying 1.25 ml per every second of spray for reliable performance with every use.

Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 24 oz.
Weaver Leather Supply

Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle, 24 oz.

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