Bee Natural Leather Amore 16 oz.

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  • For leather products you'll love for a lifetime, this is a great all-in-one product!
  • Cleans, conditions and retards soiling while resisting water spotting for maximum performance
  • Buffs to a luster to keep leather attractive and supple
  • Penetrates leather and gently lifts smudges and removes dirt and grime
  • Will cause color to change on natural or unfinished leather so treat the entire item to achieve a uniform appearance

About Bee Natural

Bee Natural Leathercare works closely with leather professionals to develop products that perform well and bring out the best in leather. In fact, many of Bee Natural's products are created from the suggestions of top saddlemakers, leather artists and tradespeople. Since 1977, Bee Natural Leathercare has been making products that are safe for both you and your leather. This approach to product development brings you a line of products that is unsurpassed in quality, performance and value.


Ideal for:
Finished Leather
Exotic Leather
Not Recommended for Use on Suede, Roughout, Nubuck or Split Leather

Product Notice

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Bee Natural Leather Amore 16 oz.
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Bee Natural Leather Amore 16 oz.

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