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                                                                                                                        All About leAther
 bringing You leather from the best tanneries in the World!

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             leather is at the very core of everything we do at Weaver leather.
             by cultivating close relationships with our tanneries, we are able
             to work with them to develop high quality leathers that offer you

             performance and value.
             The following pages are filled with introductions on what makes each leather unique, as well as detailed descriptions
             highlighting every leather’s special characteristics and a list of suggested uses. We understand the importance of selecting the
             right leather and have worked diligently to ensure the information on these pages is accurate, helpful and assists you in your
             buying decisions.
             As a leather supplier, Weaver Leather is unique in that we cut, sew and work with many of the leathers you’ll find in this
             catalog. The leather shipments we receive from our tanneries generally consist of 25% A grade, 50% B grade and 25% C
             grade. This is known as a standard TR or tannery run selection. We use many of the lower grade hides in-house because low
             grade does not mean low quality. They have the same quality as higher grades, but because of surface defects need more
             attention to cutting to obtain an acceptable yield. With our large variety of manufactured products and cutting expertise, we are
             able to utilize these hides effectively in our own shop.
             As you look through the following pages of leather, be assured that you are benefitting from 80+ years of combined knowledge
             from all our leather experts. From working with the tanneries to leather cutting, manufacturing, picking and shipping leather to
             our customers, we have experts in every area so you can be assured we can answer your questions. That is something that no
             other supplier can give you.
             Following are a few more reasons you can trust Weaver leather:
               1)  We only deal with the best tanneries that stand behind their products like we do. This gives you peace of mind and security
                in knowing you’re taken care of if you ever have a problem.
               2) We grade it right and sell a true tannery run grade.
               3) We inventory all the leather we show in this catalog and ship most orders within 24 hours.
               4) We allow you to mix and match your leather quantities so you don’t need to buy large quantities to get great prices.
               5)  If you need your leather cut, we offer a cutting service. If you need it edged or painted, we offer these services too. We
                make your leather buying experience as easy as you want it to be.
               6)  Based on our 30 plus years of leather experience, the descriptions and leather quality you see on these pages are accurate.
                You have our word on it.
             Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. The entire Weaver Leather team is here to help you select the right
             leather for your needs. Please call us with any questions you have. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

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