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                                                                      36-42 sq. ft.
 48-50 sq. ft.
                                    18-20 sq. ft.
                                                                       Width: 55"-60"
 Width: 67"-72"
                                                                      Length: 85"-100"
                                    Width: 28"-30"
 Length: 72"-84"
                                    Length: 85"-100"
                                                                           21-26 sq. ft.
 11-17 sq. ft.
                                6-9 sq. ft.
                                                                            Width: 30"-36"
                                Width: 25"-29"
 Width: 25"-29"           SINGLE SHOULDER                           DOUBLE BACK
 Length: 55"-60"               Length: 35"-45"                             Length: 85"-100" LEATHER

             Weaver Select Saddle Skirting Leather             07-100S, 07-110S, 07-120S
             Dollar for dollar, Weaver Select skirting leather is the best buy in saddle   Ideal for custom saddles, “rough out saddles”, western saddles and
             skirting leather that we’ve found. Simply compare this with other   stirrup leathers.
             skirting leathers and see for yourself! Made from extra heavy native   07-170S
             steer hides, this skirting leather has it all. It goes through a four week   Drum dyed leather with the color struck through is ideal for saddles
             veg tan process. It has exceptional firmness. It carves, tools and stamps   and tack.                      SADDle SKirtinG
             beautifully. Plus, it’s priced well below other comparable leathers.
             Tanned to our specifications in a state-of-the-art tannery, this skirting   07-200S
                                                               Ideal for saddle repair, tack and small items. Could have more
             leather comes in golden, natural, brown, black, chestnut and mahogany.
 SINGLE      They accept oils and dyes beautifully and you’ll love the way the   than one brand. Priced to keep you competitive. Great for western
                                                               saddlery needs.
 BEND        chestnut turns to a gorgeous dark chestnut with just one coat of oil.   07-815S, 07-875S
                            DOUBLE BEND
             This is one of our signature leathers. We stock large quantities to supply
 12-14 sq. ft.  both larger and smaller customers. This leather comes in a true TR   Veg tanned, drum dyed leather is ideal for custom saddles, stirrup
                                                                      5-7 sq. ft.
                               23-26 sq. ft.
 Width: 28"-30"  selection and is sold per side.               leathers, tack and more.
 Length: 55"-65"               Width: 55"-60"                          Width: 5"-8"
               Features        Length: 55"-65"   07-815S,             Length: 85"-95"      07-875S,
              Meets and exceeds our standards   Chestnut                    Black        Mahogany
               for tooling and stamping.
              Full thickness for superior strength.
              Varies approximately 2-3 oz. from
               shoulder to butt.
              Moulds and embosses well.
                  Buy any combination of leather               07-110S,                             Golden
                   to get best quantity pricing.               07-200S,           07-120S,
                   Weaver Select Saddle Skirting Leather – GAUGED IN BUTT
              HIDE SPECIFICATIONS                                                 PRICED PER SIDE
                Ounces   Graphic   Inches     Color   Grade  Avg. Wgt.  Approx. Sq. Ft.
              07-100S  Sides - Golden
               11/13 oz.        11/64"-13/64"  Golden  TR    14-16 lbs.  22-24 sq. ft.
               13/15 oz.        13/64"-15/64"  Golden  TR    18-22 lbs.  22-24 sq. ft.
              07-110S  Sides - Natural
               13/15 oz.        13/64"-15/64"  Natural  TR   18-22 lbs.  22-24 sq. ft.
              07-120S  Sides - Brown
               13/15 oz.        13/64"-15/64"  Brown   TR    18-22 lbs.  22-24 sq. ft.
              07-170S  Sides - Black
               13/15 oz.        13/64"-15/64"  Black   TR    18-22 lbs.  22-25 sq. ft.
              07-815S  Sides - Chestnut
               13/15 oz.        13/64"-15/64"  Chestnut  TR  18-22 lbs.  22-24 sq. ft.
              07-875S  Sides - Mahogany
               12/14 oz.        3/16"-7/32"  Mahogany  TR    18-22 lbs.  22-24 sq. ft.
              07-200S  Sides - Branded - Natural
               13/15 oz.        13/64"-15/64"  Natural  Branded  15-18 lbs.  21-23 sq. ft.
               TR – Tannery Run -   A standard method of buying leather that consists of 25% A grade, 50% B grade and 25% C grade. See page 12.

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