Building Leathercrafting Skills For Your Creative Journey

With step-by-step instruction for crafters of all skill levels, Leathercraft Tutor is a breakout series of leatherworking tutorials from Weaver LeatherSupply. You'll discover tips and techniques from our leathercraft experts including customer favorite Chuck Dorsett in this educational series.

Leather Carving and Stamping

Learn expert leather carving using our favorite leather stamping tools.

Joe Meling Introduction to Floral Carving

Joe Meling Introduction to Floral Carving - Transferring a Pattern

Joe Meling Introduction to Floral Carving - Using a Swivel Knife

Joe Meling Introduction to Floral Carving: Adding a Bevel to Your Leather Carving

Introduction to Floral Carving: Using a Pear Shader

Basic Leather Stamping

Camouflage Stamping

Classic Borders

Leather Border Stamps

Basketweave Tool

Basketweave Design

Barbed Wire Stamp Set

Stamp Sets

Star Stamping Tool

Veiner Stamp

Geometric Stamping Tool

Tracing Film

Tips & Leather Working Tools

Watch basic demonstrations and discover new and creative ways to use leather craft tools

Stitch Groover

Hand Dyeing Leather

Antique Finish

Leather Finish

Mauls and Mallets

Quick Change Edger

Understanding Edger Sizes

Leather Edger

Burnishing Leather Edges

Oblong Punch

Round Strap End Punch

Belt Punch

Drive Punch

Revolving Punch

Compound Action Revolving Punch

English Point Punch

Steel Square

Leather Skiver

Wooden Strap Cutter

Wing Divider

Leather Lace Stripper

Work Surfaces

Hardware Finishes

Inexpensive Lighting For Leather Tooling

Marking Leathercraft Patterns

How-to Hand Stitch Leather

Adding a Liner to Your Projects

Getting Started with Leathercrafting

How to Wet Mold Leather

How to Make Trunk Style Leather Handles

Chrome Tanned Leather vs. Vegetable Tanned Leather