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Hand Rougher Tool

Weaver Leather Supply  |  SKU: 65770-10


  • Hand rougher features a patented design that helps you prepare the surface of your leather to ensure a strong bond
  • Helps remove pre-existing deposits and provides a larger surface area for better adhesion
  • Angled 10mm stainless steel roughing head for durability and performance
  • Features a sharp, checkered head roughing pattern
  • Stamped marking for quick tool identification

Additional Details

Prepping the surface of your leather is the first step to ensuring a strong bond and this hand rougher makes the process quick and easy. The hand rougher tool helps remove any pre-existing deposits while increasing the surface area for adhesion, increasing the overall strength of the bond. The angled 10 mm stainless steel head features a sharp, checkered roughing pattern that makes quick work of this critical step.

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Weaver Leather Supply

Hand Rougher Tool

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