Laura Kampf
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Beveler Checkered Stamping



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  • Quality beveler checkered stamping tool produces a great impression for details that bring your project to life
  • Made from stainless steel for precision stamping and long-lasting performance
  • Perfect for Sheridan style carving as well as other tooling and carving styles
  • Approximate Stamp Sizes:
    • Small (B2042) - 2 mm (5/64") x 3 mm (1/8")
    • Medium (B2043) - 3 mm (1/8") x 4 mm (5/32")
    • Large (B2044) - 5 mm (13/64") x 4 mm (5/32")
    • Extra Large (B2045)- 6 mm (15/64") x 5 mm (13/64")


From beginners to professionals and everyone in between, these Beveler Checkered Stamping Tools deliver precise, detailed impressions for beautiful results every time. Quality stainless steel design will take your leather carving and tooling projects to the next level. A perfect choice for Sheridan as well as other styles of carving.