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Top Spiral Notebook Cover



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  • Template set transforms a top spiral notebook into a work of art with a cover you can customize in endless ways
  • A fun, quick project for using up smaller pieces of leather to cover those economical top spiral notebooks you can get at any big box store
  • Durable acrylic templates stand up to a scalpel for years of reliable service
  • Simply lay template on your leather and cut around it with a scalpel, ensuring consistent, professional results with every build
  • Fits a standard 3" x 5" spiral notebook


Transform a top spiral notebook into something special with this template set for crafting a cover with endless tooling and customization possibilities. This is a great way to use up those smaller pieces of leather with a project you can complete in no time. Made from high quality acrylic that stands up to your knife or scalpel, this template set gives you accurate, professional results every time. Simply place the templates on your leather, cut around them, and get ready to add personalized details to take your cover to the next level.