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Exotic Wood Leather Slicker  



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  • Create beauty in record time with this tool designed for all your slicking needs
  • Quickly and easily slicks leather edges
  • Can be used by hand or chucked in a drill for power slicking
  • Features a natural oil that aids in slicking
  • Features grooves that accommodate 4-8 oz., 8-10 oz. or 10-14 oz. leather
  • Made from Cocobolo Rosewood

Handcrafted in the USA

Handcrafted by skilled craftspeople in the United States, this product features the finest materials, skilled American workmanship and finishing touches for years of dependable performance.


Slicker design developed by a custom saddlemaker


Weight: 2-1/4 oz.
Measures: 7" long


Tapered design allows you to slick buckle tongue slots, flank billet slots, trigger cut-outs on holsters, saddle skirts, fenders and seat jockeys, belts, straps and more