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Tokonole Burnishing Gum



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  • Tokonole Burnishing Gum is a water based alternative to gum tragacanth, and our team can attest that it works beautifully to achieve smooth, glossy edges
  • Tokonole can also be used to slick the edges of most chrome tanned leather items
  • Transforms leather's rough edges into smooth, glossy edges
  • Water-based gum formulated with natural paste, resin, pigment, wax and silicon
  • Permeates deep into leather for long-lasting, smooth finish
  • Formulated with a natural wax that forms a soft, durable surface that retains leather's natural texture
  • Any desired finishes or pigments should be applied on top of Tokonole since it is water based


Directions: Apply Tokonole to edge of leather and use a small piece of canvas or a slicker to slick edge to desired finish. Since Tokonole is water-based, any finishes or pigments can be applied on top of surfaces treated with Tokonole. Quickly wipe away Tokonole on areas you do not wish to treat to avoid unwanted discoloration.

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