Water Buffalo Bend,


Price Not Available.


11-1250B Color
  • -B1Matte Black
  • -B2Antique Brown
  • -B3Light Brown
  • -B4Chocolate
  • -B5Crazy Horse
  • -B6Antique Chocola
  • -B7Crazy Horse Gra
  • -B8Peanut

  • High quality leather perfect for high end belts
  • On-trend matte finish
  • A touch of vintage character with the right amount of oil
  • Nice leather at an attractive price point
  • Consistent in color and grade
  • Average length of 64"


Average square feet: 9-11
Grade: TR
Gauged: Evenly Throughout
Tanning: Vegetable
Content: U.S. Hides
Cut: Bend
Priced: Per bend based on average square feet


Ideal for:
Premium Belts