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100% Mohair 31-Strand Roper



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Handcrafted by craftspeople in Holmes County, Ohio, this premium quality cinch is made of 100% mohair from Angora goats and features a nylon center covered in whip-stitched mohair for added flexibility. This mohair offers a soft, luxurious feel, a rich luster and outstanding durability. Known as "the diamond fiber", mohair can be twisted and bent without causing damage adding to the dependability and durability of this cinch. Mohair wicks away moisture for added comfort to your horse and for maximum breathability. While mohair cinches are known for stretching for a perfect fit, they always return to their original size due to the fiber's elasticity. This cinch also offers easy care! Dust and dirt can generally be removed by shaking and brushing the cinch. Sunset harness leather off billet holder. Non-rust stainless steel hardware.