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Reptile Printed Leather,



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  • Chrome tanned leather in a beautiful reptile print sure to inspire
  • Adds the perfect touch of texture and shine to your leathercrafting projects
  • The flesh side has a texture from the printed design on the grain side

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Get ready to add some fashionable flair to your next project with our beautiful chrome tanned printed leather. From the perfect bag to fun jewelry, this leather is your go-to for making statement pieces that stand out in a crowd. Reptile printed leather lends the perfect touch of texture and shine to any project.


  • Average square feet: 18
  • Average width: 30"-36"
  • Average Length: 85"-100"
  • Thickness/weight: 2 to 3 oz.
  • Grade: TR
  • Gauged: Evenly throughout
  • Content: Imported cowhide
  • Cut: Side
  • Priced: Per side based on average square feet


The time involved and expense of veg tanned leathers led to the development of chrome tanning in the mid-1800s. Chrome tanning takes about one to three days in contrast to the one to three-month veg tanning process, making it a more economical choice. Today, about 80-90% of the world’s leather supply is chrome tanned and it is heralded for its stain and water resistance as well as its consistency in color.

Project Ideas

Ideal for bags, personal accessories, jewelry and decorative inlays