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Upholstery Leather, 2/3 oz.



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Bomber Brown


  • Aniline dyed to showcase leather’s natural grain
  • Beautiful, large chrome tanned whole hides
  • Printed grain adds a touch of texture
  • Hides will have some small defects
  • 2/3 oz.

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There’s big and then there’s huge. This leather falls into the latter category clocking in at almost 50 square feet that drape like a dream for garments and upholstery that wow even the most discerning leathercrafter. Semi-transparent aniline dye adds depth of color while allowing you to see the beauty of this leather’s natural grain. Whether your vibe is refined or rustic, this leather offers a color that will work for you. Here’s the lowdown some of our favorite colors, but feel free to request samples to help you narrow it down. Cooper – A rustic matte finish that’s our leathercraft manager’s favorite! Vintage Cowboy – A touch of oil gives this beauty a slight, two-tone pull up effect that’s just gorgeous. While this option is not colorfast, you can add a top coat to help prevent color transfer. Bomber Brown – Unique texture that exudes a modern rustic aesthetic.


Immersed in vats with semi-transparent aniline dye, upholstery leather celebrates its natural grain rather than camouflaging it. This process is best suited for higher quality hides like these. When you want to experience the natural beauty of leather at its finest, aniline dyed leather is for you. This dyeing process ensures rich color penetrates all the way through the hide for enduring beauty.


Average square feet 48-50
Approximate width 67"-72"
Approximate length 72"-84"
Grade Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged Evenly throughout
Content Imported cowhide
Available cut Whole hide
Priced Per whole hide based on average square feet

Project Ideas

Ideal for restoration work, automotive and furniture upholstery, garments, and bags with liners