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Millwood Chrome Tanned



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  • Supple, chrome tanned leather sides perfect for garments
  • Aniline dyed to showcase the leather’s natural grain
  • Small pebble grain finish adds a touch of texture
  • Available in three attractive colors


This aniline leather’s beautiful drape and size make it a great choice for garments such as bomber jackets, motorcycle jackets, leather pants, Western show chaps and more. A semi-transparent aniline dye adds depth to the color while allowing you to see the natural grain of the leather. Available in three weights and four colors, we’re sure you’ll find the exact garment leather you’re looking for.


Immersed in vats with semi-transparent aniline dye, this leather is a celebration of its natural grain. This process ensures that rich color penetrates the entirety of the hide for enduring beauty. A pebble grain is achieved by tumbling the hide after it is tanned.


Average square feet : 21-25
Approximate width : 30"-36"
Approximate length : 85"-100"
Grade : Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged : Evenly throughout
Content : Imported cowhide
Available cut : Side
Priced : Per side based on Average square feet

Project Ideas

Ideal for vests, jackets, pants, show chaps and saddle seats