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Chrome Oil Tanned Top Grain Leather Side, 5-6 oz. 



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  • Chrome tanned and oiled top grain leather sides in an assortment of earth-tone colors
  • Refinished for a clean, professional appearance
  • Just the right amount of oil for suppleness without rub-off


If you’re after leather with a finished top grain and a supple feel, this 5-6 oz. chrome oil tanned leather is for you. Available in an assortment of earth-tone colors that vary from shipment to shipment, it’s great for leather projects like bags and chaps that are not color specific. You may receive a hide with a brand or small defects, but, in our opinion, these unique markings only add more charm to your finished product.


Chrome tanned and oiled sides have their advantages over veg tanned leather for certain applications and are superior in softness, flexibility and comfort. Chrome oil tanned leather is priced below most veg tan leather and most other comparable chrome tans, making it an economical choice for crafters.


Average square feet : 20-23
Approximate width : 55"-60"
Approximate length : 85"-100"
Grade : Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged : Evenly throughout
Tanning : Chrome oil
Content : Imported cowhide
Available cut : Side
Priced : Per side based on Average square feet

Project Ideas

Ideal for heavy work chaps, motorcycle chaps, bags, purses and backpacks