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Jeremiah Watt Accented Floral



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  • As a one of a kind easy to assemble deep-rooted style, this rear flat plate dee will add just the touch you need
  • Unique design allows room to sew right up to both sides of the rivet in the dee-you'll find this nowhere else
  • Feature an easy to install corner
  • Plenty of room to rivet
  • The tabs in which the rivets are placed have a recess for the ear of the saddle seat through which saddle strings are placed
  • These dees are the width and depth of old style dees, before the years of shrink brought on by copies
  • Stainless steel with black accents
  • Sold in pairs
  • Size (2-3/8") denotes inside diameter


As a custom saddlemaker with over 30 years of experience, Jeremiah Watt, the creator of Horse Shoe Brand Hardware, knows the difference quality hardware can make in the beauty and value of a variety of leather projects from saddlery to fashion.


Size: 2-3/8"
Design: Stainless Steel with Black Accents