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#325M Mast Style Dee



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Solid Brass


  • All-purpose dee offers a multitude of uses
  • Ideal for use on belts, dog collars, bags, breast collars and more
  • Size denotes strap width dee will accommodate

How to Measure

How to measure Dees


Finish Size (Inside Diameter) Thickness
Chrome Over Brass (CB) 1/2" 3.0 MM
Chrome Over Brass (CB) 5/8" 3.5 MM
Chrome Over Brass (CB) 3/4" 4.0 MM
Chrome Over Brass (CB) 1" 5.2 MM
Solid Brass (SB) 1/2" 3.0 MM
Solid Brass (SB) 5/8" 3.5 MM
Solid Brass (SB) 3/4" 4.0 MM
Solid Brass (SB) 7/8" 5.0 MM
Solid Brass (SB) 1" 5.2 MM