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Chocolate Strap Leather



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  • Pigmented chocolate grain side with a slight haircell print
  • Light brown color is struck through, but the center may be lighter than the outside of the hide
  • Clean imported cowhide
  • 95% veg tannage with 5% chrome tannage for a touch of added softness

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A slight haircell print adds subtle texture and interest to this beautiful chocolate strap leather. This leather is chrome tanned and will somewhat hold a shape, but please be aware that it will not be suitable for stamping or projects that require lots of detail work. It is great for making bags and other leather crafting projects with its soft hand and smooth flesh side.


A 95% veg tannage using tree bark and other natural tannins combines with a 5% chrome tannage of soluble chromium salts to produce this leather with just the right soft feel.


Average square feet : 22-24
Approximate width : 30"-36"
Approximate length : 85"-100"
Grade : Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged : Evenly throughout
Content : Imported cowhide
Available cut : Side
Priced : Per side based on Average square feet

Project Ideas

Ideal for bags, pouches, motorcycle bags and craft projects