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Black Patent Leather



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  • Difficult-to-find patent leather
  • Highly lustrous baked enamel appearance
  • Heavy finish resists piping
  • Chrome tanned sides
  • Please note: shiny finish on leather may vary


Whether you’re making retro bag or dress shoes, this super-shiny patent leather won’t disappoint. Other patent leathers may be left with ugly creases when bent, but our tannery has perfected the finish on this patent leather to prevent piping. Because of its chrome tannage, this patent leather is softer and bends easier than veg tanned patent leather.


We have worked hard over the years to find a supplier that consistently produces a high-quality patent finish. This chrome tanned patent leather bends easily without leaving wrinkles on the finish.


Average square feet 19-22
Approximate width 30"-36"
Approximate length 85"-100"
Grade Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged Evenly throughout
Tanning Chrome
Content Imported cowhide
Available cut Side
Priced Per side based on average square feet

Project Ideas

Ideal for craft projects, shoes, bags, restoring carriages, dashboards, blinds, show harness parts and housings