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#56 Halter Snap



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Chrome Over Brass


  • This snap features a fixed eye and is commonly used on throat snap halters
  • Also great for use on shoulder straps for bags and other projects where you need a well-designed snap
  • Size denotes strap width snap will accommodate

How to Measure

How to measure Snaps

Note: The image above is just to show you how to measure a snap. See the top of the page for the snap that we are selling.


Overall Length Size Finish
2-1/2" 5/8" CB (Chrome Over Brass), SB (Solid Brass), SS (Stainless Steel)
2-5/8" 3/4" CB (Chrome Over Brass), SB (Solid Brass), SS (Stainless Steel)
2-1/2" 1" SB (Solid Brass), SS (Stainless Steel)
2-5/8" 1" CB (Chrome Over Brass)