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#017 Flat Swivel Snap



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Stainless Steel


  • Versatile snap features a convenient swivel design that helps prevent tangles
  • Size denotes strap width snap will accommodate
  • See size chart below

How to Measure

How to measure Snaps

Note: The image above is just to show you how to measure a snap. See the top of the page for the snap that we are selling.


Size Overall Length Finish
3/4" 3" AB (Antique Brass), AC (Antique Copper), AN (Antique Nickel), CB (Chrome Over Brass), SB (Solid Brass), SS (Stainless Steel)
1" 3" AB (Antique Brass), AC (Antique Copper), AN (Antique Nickel), SS (Stainless Steel)
1" 3-1/4" CB (Chrome Over Brass), SB (Solid Brass)
5/8" 3" SS (Stainless Steel)