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Leather Cuff Bracelet

You will be amazed at how easy it is to make leather cuff bracelets. Chapter 1 runs through the DIY Leather Cuff steps, but each of the 7 chapters gives detailed instructions on how to do each leather crafting process.

We will show you how to make 2 leather cuffs. We will use a chrome tanned 12” x 12” leather panel so we don’t have to dye or topcoat. We don’t have to wait on dry time. All we must do is cut, add a couple of holes, a snap and we will have an empty canvas with which to work.

We will learn many processes like: how to set spots, dye leather, stamp leather and add hardware. These extras will take our leather cuff project up a notch. Learning these processes opens a limitless array of possibilities for DIY Leather Cuff Bracelets. For artists, silversmiths, people who love accessories, a jeweler, etc., the blank leather cuff is the perfect place to start.

When making a leather cuff pattern, we will be dealing with lengths, widths and designs.

  1. Start with a straight-edged piece of paper or pattern paper and draw a line 1 ¼” from the edge. This will be the width of the leather cuff. We have the option to make this cuff 3/8” wide to however wide we desire. Feel free to choose the width that you love. It’s your cuff and your call on width.
  2. When figuring out the length, we will need some room between the snap and the end of our strap. It gives us the freedom to drop in a round end or clip the corners of the cuff.
  3. Come in 3/4” of an inch from the end of the pattern and mark a line. That will give us ample room to punch the cuff ends and that line will be where we put the snap (snap line).

    Pro tip: Here is a mistake many people make, but once we are aware of it we won’t make it. Example: We’ve measured our wrist with a flexible measuring tape, and we are at 7 inches snap to snap. We don’t wan

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