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Master Tool Little Wonder®

65-6650  /

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  • Compact, patented design sets snaps, rivets, caps, crystals, spots and grommets quickly, easily and professionally
  • A must-have on your workbench, this machine will increase your precision and productivity
  • Unique cam action arm gives you added leverage so you can operate with just one hand, reducing stress and fatigue
  • Designed and manufactured by Weaver Leather for dependability and performance
  • Hand-operated design allows you to rivet faster and with more precision than any other hand-operated machine on the market
  • Compact design is economically priced
  • Fully assembled and ready to be mounted on your workbench
  • Product Manual

Master Tool

Our Master Tool line is designed and crafted to provide a lifetime of dependable service to professional leatherworkers. Weaver Leather Supply is confident that any Master Tool is the last you'll ever need to buy. If not, we'll replace it at no charge.*
*Warranty is valid only on a machine that withstands normal use, following all applicable instructions. The warranty does not include normal maintenance. Weaver Leather Supply reserves the right to determine if a claim falls under the warranty.
Handcrafted by skilled craftspeople in the United States, this product features the finest materials, skilled American workmanship and finishing touches for years of dependable performance.


Master Tool machines are designed for the professional leatherworker and made by our in-house machine shop and local craftspeople following our strict quality guidelines. You'll appreciate the performance and value these quality-made machines provide. From sourcing the right machines for the job to carefully assembling each machine, the Weaver Leather team is committed to bringing you a full line of machines that deliver professional results every time.

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  • Includes a driver and splash anvil for setting #104 Rivets
  • Die sets, drivers and anvils for other rivets and snaps sold separately
  • Crystal setter, grommet setter and spotter attachments sold separately
  • Instruction manual included
  • U.S. Design Patent #D632,318


Works on the Following Materials:
Coated Webbing
Fabrics and Other Man-Made Materials
Sets the Following:
2205 Segma Snaps
2206 Snaps
4P Durable Snaps
Jiffy Rivets
2200 Double Caps
#104 Rivets
110 Grommets


Little Wonder® Attachments (Sold Separately)
Expand this Handy Machine's Capabilities with the Right Attachments for Your Needs
SET #104 Rivets with Cap
Rivet with cap
65-6455 Cap Anvil for #104 Rivets
Cap Anvil for #104 Rivets
For use with the 65-6655 Driver Attachment for #104 Rivets (comes standard with machine) to set a #104 Rivet with a Cap, providing a nice, finished look on both sides

SET #104 Rivets

65-6165 Magnetic Driver with Anvils

For use with plated #104 rivets only; will not work with stainless steel, nickel brass or solid brass rivets
65-6166 Magnetic Driver without Anvils

SET Crystals


65-6662 Crystal Setter Attachment, 5/16"

Includes Anvil

Sets 5/16" crystals to add a touch of sparkle to any project

SET Spots

Set Spots

65-6665 Spotter Attachment, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2", specify size

Includes Anvil   Crystal Setter Attachment


In combination with the 65-6664 Anvil below, this attachment sets spots with ease and precision

65-6664 Anvil for Spot Setter Attachment, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2", specify size 

Replacement part for 65-6665 and 65-6662 above

Replacement part for 65-6665 and 65-6662

Sets spots or cystals with ease and precision when used in combination with the 65-6662 Crystal Setter Attachment or 65-6665 Spotter Attachment above

SET Grommets


65-6667 Grommet Setter Attachment, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3 or #4, specify size

Grommet Setter Attachment

Quickly, easily and professionally sets grommets on your leathercrafting projects


Punch Tubes

65-6193 Threaded Punch Handle

Threaded Punch Handle

Punches holes when used in combination with the 65-6615 Hole Punch Tubes and 65-6585 Brass Anvil (both shown below and sold separately)

65-6615 Hole Punch Tubes, Sizes 5-10, Thread Size .295-32, specify size

Hole Punch Tubes

Punches holes when used in combination with the 65-6193 Threaded Punch Handle above and 65-6585 Brass Anvil below

65-6585 Brass Anvil

Brass Anvil

Used with the 65-6193 Threaded Punch Handle and 65-6615 Hole Punch Tubes (both above) when punching holes

SET Eyelets


65-6668 Eyelet Setter, 8 mm, 10 mm or 12 mm, specify size

Eyelet Setters

Adds eyelets to your projects with ease and precision

SET Snaps

65-6160 2205 Segma Snaps Die Set


Sets top and bottom of 2205 Segma Snaps


65-6161 2206 Snaps (#20 Line Snaps) Die Set

2206 Snaps

Sets top and bottom of 2206 Snaps (#20 Line Snaps)

Top and Bottom Durable Snaps

65-6162 4P Durable Snaps (#24 Line Snaps) Die Set

4P Durable Snaps

Sets top and bottom of 4P Durable Snaps (#24 Line Snaps)

SET Double Cap, Rapid & Jiffy Rivets

Double Cap, Rapid & Jiffy Rivets

65-6163 Double Cap, Rapid & Jiffy Rivets Die Set

Note: Won't set 1/4" 2200 Rivets.

Double Cap, Rapid & Jiffy Rivets Die Set Attachment

Sets double cap, rapid and jiffy rivets with caps