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Holster Leather, Weaver Select

04-512S-7/8  /

  • Beautiful quality, full sides mould well
  • Specially designed for items that require lots of details like holsters
  • These sides are struck through
  • Rich chestnut


Industrias Chahin de Orizaba, S.A. de C.V., is a family owned and operated tannery founded in 1932 as a producer of vegetable leather. Though Chahin employs the latest technology, they still stay true to the traditional pit-drum based artisanal tanning process started 80 years ago and now transferred to the third generation. Combining this process with top-notch U.S. steer hides, Chahin produces some of the best quality leathers in the world. We’re proud to partner with Chahin to provide you with leather that we believe stacks up against anything in the market.


Thickness: 7/8 oz (7/64"-1/8")
Average square feet: 20-23
Grade: TR
Gauged: Evenly Throughout
Tanning: Vegetable
Content: U.S. Hides
Cut: Side
Priced: Per side based on average square feet


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