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Hermann Oak® Old World Russet Harness Leather

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8 to 10 oz.
9 to 11 oz.
10 to 12 oz.
12+ oz.
13 oz.
  • Hefty and dense harness leather with a very nice hand
  • Ages to a rich patina
  • Pliable enough for easy cutting and sewing, yet not too soft
  • Beautiful color variation from the amount of tallows stuffed in this leather
  • 100% veg tanned with no harsh chemicals

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Cut 8 to 10 oz. 9 to 11 oz. 10 to 12 oz. 12+ oz. 13 oz.


When you want your project to evoke a rustic look from the past, this harness leather delivers with a patina that gets better and better with time. Stuffed in drums with heavy tallows by the folks at Hermann Oak®, this leather gives anything you make from it exceptional wear, thickness and durability. It is available skived to a wide variety of weights to meet your needs. Please be aware that this leather may vary 3 to 4 oz. in thickness from butt to shoulder.


Hermann Oak® painstakingly veg tans this legendary leather using a tightly-controlled process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins. Stuffed with extra tallows, this is the leather of choice for projects where strength and durability are essential.


Average square feet 21-24 (sides); 18-20 (single backs)
Approximate width 30"-36" (sides); 28"-30" (single backs)
Approximate length 85"-100" (sides and single backs)
Grade Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged In neck
Content U.S. cowhide
Available cut Sides, Single Backs
Priced Per side or single back based on average square feet

Project Ideas

Ideal for dog collars, leashes, gun and carry belts, reins, tack, weight lifting belts and anywhere you desire a weighty, rustic leather