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                    Your Ideas Manufactured with

            Exceptional Weaver Leather Quality

                                                             STEP 1: Send us your design!
                                                             Send Weaver Leather your drawing or prototype via email
                                                             or parcel delivery. Please include as many details or specs
                                                             that you have.
                                                             Not quite ready to send us a design? Drop us an email at
                                                    or give Wyman Hershberger
                                                             a call at 330-521-7634 to discuss your project.

                                                             STEP 2: Design is reviewed by Weaver Leather
                                                             A Weaver Leather representative will contact you to work
                                                             through any adjustments or improvements to the design
                                                             that will aid in the manufacturing processes or improve
                                                             your product’s quality and integrity.
                                                             We will review with you the possible manufacturing options
                                                             you have for your custom design.
           You’ve been inspired–now it’s time to make it happen.
           Transform your ideas into reality with Weaver Leather’s   During this step is a great time to ask your Weaver Leather
           manufacturing capabilities. With over four decades of   representative any questions you have.
           experience in leather craftsmanship and manufacturing,
           Weaver Leather Custom Manufacturing is committed   STEP 3: Get creative
           to creating quality products and delivering exceptional   You’ll have access to the finest materials and an array of
           customer service. Our contracting facility is organized to   colors and textures to give your product just the right look.
           handle both small and large custom projects with equal
           efficiency. From component parts to patented finished   Special details like decorative stitching, stamped or
           projects and everything in between, we are with you   hand tooled designs, overlays, painted leather edges,
           every step of the way.                            embroidery and more are available for you to create a
                                                             truly customized product.
           We focus on premium manufacturing so
           you can focus on your business.                   Choose your final touches from a wide selection of
           With Weaver Leather Custom Manufacturing, your    hardware and unique embellishments like conchos, spots
           ideas are brought to life with high quality materials and   and crystals for enhanced customer appeal.
           manufactured to perfection by craftspeople that have a
           passion for excellence.                           STEP 4: Finalized design is quoted
                                                             We make sure to review every aspect of your project in fine
           You dream it. We’ll build it.                     detail before giving you a final quote.
           Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way   Our one-on-one quoting process lets you work closely
           for exceptional results and your peace of mind. You
           design the product and choose details including    with your Weaver Leather representative to ensure the best
           materials, hardware, stitching and final embellishments   possible materials and processes have been chosen to
           and we’ll take care of the rest.                  make your project a success.

           Service on your schedule.                         You will receive an estimated timeline for manufacturing.
           We understand the importance of having, and keeping,   STEP 5: It’s time to manufacture
           products in-stock. That’s why our team works with you
           to develop a production schedule to meet your needs   Once we have your final approval, we will begin the process
           and timeline.                                     of manufacturing your product.

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