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        Weaver 205 Sewing Machine

        As close to the original 205-370 Adler that we
        could find, this machine features an extra-long
        16" arm and lots of attachments and extras
         Sews materials up to 3/4" thick including leather, nylon webbing,
           plastic coated webbing, rubber, synthetic material and canvas.
         Excellent climbing abilities.
         Multi-Speed Reducer allows you to choose stitching speed.
         Deluxe Adjustable Sewing Machine Stand has one straight foot pedal
           shaft that offers more torque at slower speeds for more control.

         1 Feed Dog                          5 Extra Bobbins
         1 Set of Harnessmaker's Feet        1 Pack Needles
         1 Flat Throat Plate                 1 Set of Allen Wrenches
         1 Service Manual, Misc. Tools and Parts  1 Guide
         2 Distance Rings, Reflector and Shims

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