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Hermann Oak® Old World Harness Back

  • With a feel and beautiful russet color that is reminiscent of the best harness leathers from the past, this leather gives your project old world appeal
  • Best in the industry - a customer favorite!
  • Just the right amount of heft and a very nice "hand" to it
  • Pliable enough for cutting and sewing, yet not too soft
  • Thickness varies 3-4 ounces from butt to shoulder
  • Because of the amount of tallows stuffed in this leather, there will be more color variation than normal
  • Heavy and extra heavy harness leather is full thickness, not split, for the best strength and durability

As Low As 300.00 USD

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Hermann Oak® Leather Co. was started by Lewis Charles Hermann in St. Louis, Missouri in 1881 to serve the local harness trade. Three more generations of Hermanns have followed in Lewis’s footsteps to bring the finest quality vegetable leathers to market. The tanning process has not changed much through the years. They still use the finest natural tree bark in their tanning liquors for richness and texture. And, each side is soaked in ground-vats and hand-worked for smooth, consistent and firm results.
Grade: Tannery Run
Gauged: Evenly Throughout
Tanning: Vegetable
Content: U.S. Hides
Cut: Side
Priced: Per side based on average square feet

The #1 choice for all russet harness leather reins and tack

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