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Hermann Oak® Drum Dyed Harness Side Black, 9/11 oz.


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  • A timeless classic, this leather is still stuffed the old fashioned way for long-lasting dependability and heirloom quality
  • Drum dyed and stuffed for maximum strength and longevity
  • Known in the industry for its durability and working ease
  • Stitches easily, burnishes great and has penetration on the grain side
  • Well set out grain has fewer wrinkles and draw lines
  • Good yield with minimum waste
  • Dyed on both sides by a special process that allows for better dye penetration

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Hermann Oak® Leather Co. was started by Lewis Charles Hermann in St. Louis, Missouri in 1881 to serve the local harness trade. Three more generations of Hermanns have followed in Lewis’s footsteps to bring the finest quality vegetable leathers to market. The tanning process has not changed much through the years. They still use the finest natural tree bark in their tanning liquors for richness and texture. And, each side is soaked in ground-vats and hand-worked for smooth, consistent and firm results.
Average square feet: 20-23
Average weight: 24.5 lbs.
Grade: Tannery Run
Gauged: In Neck
Tanning: Vegetable
Content: U.S. Hides
Cut: Side
Priced: Per side based on average square feet
Ideal for:
Draft harnesses
Pulling harnesses
Work harnesses
Bridle parts
Pony harnesses
Driving and racing harnesses
Buggy and light
carriage harnesses

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