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The Leather Element: Exploring Leatherwork Pattern Materials
Discover ingenious leathercrafting techniques and tips that take your leatherwork to the next level! Tune in every week to catch new episodes of “The Leather Element” where master craftsman Chuck Dorsett answers your most pressing leathercraft questions.

Do YOU have a question you’d like to ask Chuck? Click here to send him an email, and he’ll email you back with an answer as soon as he can. Who knows, your question might just appear on our next episode of “The Leather Element”!


Now Available: Arm Guards Project Pack

Our leather supply project packs contain all the leatherworking tools, full-grain or top-grain leather, hardware, and other leathercraft supplies required for each project. Using our website’s how-to videos as a leatherworking guide, these leathercraft kits are the perfect way for beginners to build confidence working with leather before moving on to more advanced leatherworking projects.

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“Leather Balm is one of my top favorites for a finish because it satisfies all of my requirements in a top coat. It’s easy to apply, easy to buff and the outcome is a smooth feel with a dye color that pops! Little to no ventilation is required, it dry’s quickly and will darken my dye choice just enough to give it a full, rich color. ”

Chuck Dorsett

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